Caroline Bagnall

Caroline Bagnall
Caroline Bagnall

Caroline Bagnall  “I studied fine art at Central School of Art, London  (now Central/St Martins). In my foundation year I became involved in happenings and cross media art forms and went on to study creative movement at the Laban Art of Movement studio. Then for many years I explored the body as a creative medium devising and performing live art and performance art pieces in London, urban environments across Britain and abroad. I became increasingly interested in using intuitive creative expression as a means for creative communication with people with no or little language and limited conceptual abilities.
In 1988 I moved to Derbyshire and together with my partner Pete Shelton set up First Movement (recently renamed Level) to work creatively through all art forms with people with learning disabilities.
Through First Movement I set up and led Spiral, a live art performance company of learning disabled performers. However many creative special moments happen ‘off stage’ when the art and communication flows organically. My work is to devise situations for these moments to come into being.”

Caroline Bagnall “Being and not Being”, performance

V International Festival of ephemeral art Contexts 2015 Sokołowsko
July 21, 2015
fot. Jerzy Grzegorski, Marcin Polak