Calum Eccleston


Something Blocks the Doorway, 2018. Performance documentation. Photographer: Max Wilkins


Absurd Hero, 2017. Performance documentation. Photographer: Max Wilkins


That part of me that lives on vague nostalgia: the theatricality of the protagonist, Performance documentation. Photographer: Max Wilkins.2019.



Calum Eccleston (b. 1996, England) is a performance artist currently studying at University of Cumbria’s Institute of Fine Arts. His practice considers the principles of Absurdist thinking, specifically, Sisyphean thought processes. The artist strives to communicate meaninglessness through a controlled and purposeful application of the meaningful. Detailed primarily in the existentialist writings of Albert Camus, a fundamental attribute of this research territory is the futile nature of the human condition. Eccleston’s work addresses the literary methodologies of Camus through the measured physicality of performance practice. This sees him embrace endurance as a mechanism through which the human condition, mind and body, may be tested within the work.