Bożenna Biskupska

Bożenna Biskupska is a Polish artist, who explores painting, sculpture as well as installation and video art and performance. She exhibited her works in almost entire Poland and abroad eg.: XLI Art Biennale of Art in Venice (1984), XIV International Biennale of Small Sculptures in Bronze in Padua (1986), A Women’s View in Washington (World Bank 1995), Nord Art in Budesdorf (2000), Form and Colour in Chicago (Forum+ Gallery 2003), Art First in Bologne (2006) or SIEGesIKONen/Icons of Victory – transFORM in Berlin (2009). She received the first prize of the International Biennale of Mini Textile (1982, Savaria Musem, Hungary) and the first class award of Stanisław Wyspiański for painting and sculpture in 1984. In the same year she won a grant of the Minister of Culture and Art. In 2004 together with Zygmunt Rytka and Zuzanna Fogtt she founded the Contemporary Art Foundation In Situ.

Her artistic achievements reflect her path of formal explorations, starting from figurative art, abstraction to creating her individual language of artistic expression in Wytyczanie obrazu (Delineating a painting). Line, sign and trace dominate In her personal alphabet. The artist experiments with various techniques combining painting with performance as well as painting and sculptural matter using among others concrete, marble dust, negative foil and linseed oil.