Bożenna Biskupska

Bożenna Biskupska (Poland)

bio: Born 1952 in Warsaw. Painter, sculptor, installation, video and performance artist. Has exhibited in Poland and abroad. Won first prize at the International Biennial of Miniature Textiles in 1982 (Hungary) and the Stanisław Wyspiański Award for painting and sculpture in 1984. In the same year she was awarded a Ministry of Culture scholarship. In 2004, together with Zygmunt Rytka, she founded the  Contemporary Art Foundation In Situ, based in Warsaw and Sokołowsko. Biskupska’s oeuvre reflects her path from figurative art to abstraction and the the developemtn of an individual artistic language. She experiments with different techniques, combining painting and sculpture, using concrete, marble dust, film negatives and linseed oil.

presentation: Rysunek rzeźby w procesie powstawania (A drawing of a sculpture in the process of creating)