Barbara Lounder

Barbara Lounder, Performatywny spacer: Bycie w oddychalnym: wędrówka z adnotacją, Konteksty 2017, Sokołowsko

Barbara Lounder

Artist and lecturer (NSCAD). Founding member of the collaborative art group Narratives in Space + Time Society. Her art practice uses walking as a creative method. Her works engage the public in carefully designed walking activities, sometimes utilizing prosthetics such as walking sticks, stilts, backpacks, locative devices and portable digital projectors. Lounder has presented her work in exhibitions and other venues across Canada and in the USA, Poland, New Zealand, Germany and Bulgaria.

Performance: Being-in-the-Breathable: an annotated walk

Robert Bean and Barbara Lounder present an annotated walk about breathing, the phenomenology of weather and the politics of climate change. It responds to the contingencies of the Sokołowsko sanatorium as a site of healing and conflict. Participants consider the internal experience of breathing and the haptic sensation of weather through actions that utilize movement, performance, objects and sound. The artists adapt contemporary strategies of psychogeography for this project. Psychogeography, theorized by Guy Debord in 1955, is the spatial and literary practice of the Situationist International for mapping emotional, psychological and political meanings of urban spaces.

July 23rd – Sunday
16:30 Performance: Being-in-the-Breathable: an annotated walk
Brehmer Sanatorium Park