Barbara Konopka

Barbara Konopka’s colorful life, even within the framework of a conventional curriculum vitae, can be astonishing, and who knows – maybe is even worthy of deep reflection? However, there is no need to prove this hypothesis right now. For what’s the sense of counting a bunch of dry facts and dates? Maybe someday, there will come a time when this becomes inevitable. However, everything that happened has become history. What is going to be important? A character constantly juggling balls in a multimedia journey. Uncreated creation. A performer in the broadest sense of the term, exploring the subjects of transformation that the body and identity undergo in the face of the information revolution (this is usually mentioned in the right circles). For two decades, she has studied qualities shown in the “connected/wired up” individual residing in an electronic environment. Today, she is fascinated by technologies enabling connections to her own essence.

Sometimes all in curls, sometimes with antennas on the head. Sometimes even imperious moRgan. How much depends on the circumstances! And these last favor the actions of the Pentaros duo – together with Weronika Kami. It is the fruit of inspired collaboration in the space of many media (music, visual arts and programming art).

He lives, creates and pays bills in Warsaw. Although he prefers to focus on the energy (electromagnetic) dimension of interaction of forms and artifacts. In all dimensions.


Peter Creme