ALPERoA (Chile)

bio: Performance artist, visual artist and curator, ALPERoA founded the art collective Par de Patoz with Pamela Navarro Ortiz in 2010,  and is artistic director of the international performance art events E.P.I., BAC, Performance en Vitrina, and of the artist residency Morada.

Captivating intimate decisions and poetically raw acts – like reality philosophizing with a hammer – mark his work in action art and happenings. His performances are characterized by a continuous and precarious game of trust – between the artist, his artistic partners and the public.

When can a system of social relations work, and what does each one to contribute to it? Often working on the physical limits, Alperoa uses his body as merely an object and the poetic canvas for his actions.

performance: M.T. III (Minutos de Tension III / Minutes of Tensions)

If you want to support others you have to stay upright yourself |
Fall seven times, stand up eight. (Peter Høeg | Japanese proverb)

M.T.III is an exercise and corporal conversation action between two performers intimately linked to the nature and the land, which are suffering physical changes that directly or indirectly affect our life evolution. The performance is also inspired by real events: the dramatic earthquake that struck Chile and the city of Concepción in particular in 2010. It is based on endurance, effort, exhaustion and reciprocal support. For this reason, it is also a metaphor of human relationships, a call to be care and generous towards each other, regardless of the peculiar social, political, racial, religious and gender traits of each human being and that are the cause of separation among people.  Art is a tool to reduce the distance, for it allows us to not be foreign to one another but grow spiritually strong through mutual sharing, sustaining and aid.