The CREDO app is compatible with the Android software.
It requires registration, which is one of the istatallation steps.
In order for the detection to take place, the camera lens must be sealed with a black sticker.
CREDO Installation instructions:
1. Download and install the CREDO application on your smartphone following the steps.
2. After installing and starting the application, you will be asked to register in the CREDO system.
3. After correct registration, you will receive a “Credo API registration” email – please confirm your address by clicking the link provided.
4. Run the CREDO application on your smartphone.
5. Log in using the data provided in the registration process.
6. Stick the black sticker on the camera lens.
7. Turn on Wi-Fi on your phone and log in to the network: Contexts 2019
8. Start the program by clicking the “Go to experiment” button, then start the detector by clicking the “Start detection” button.
Link to download the CREDO application: DOWNLOAD
More information about CREDO and possibility of join to the action you can check on the website: