Mirosław Bałka, appleT, 2009/2010, wideo

Mirosław Bałka (Poland)


‘At last light, Balka starts filming an apple tree, laden with ripening fruit. He says he treats his handheld camera like a vacuum cleaner, “cleaning the space, taking it home and emptying the bag”. This incongruous tree makes him think of Adam and Eve and the garden; but whatever we talk about feels hollow. This is a place for silence’.

From the interview by Adrian Searle (The Guardian)

Apple T, 2009/2010, video, sound



performance: Piano Bloom

Piano Bloom is a new installation work from 5 leading Australian artists made for the Sokolowsko castle. Centred around ideas of decay and regrowth, the castle’s piano, now outdoors, is explored through music, dance, poetry and video. The Bloom Collective are engaged with site-specific piano “plantings”, preparing and re-connecting the instrument to nature, and re-imagining future possibilities for this ageing sculpture. Piano Bloom can be investigated as an installation, or listened to as an activated performance featuring the Collective playing, reading, dancing, projecting ideas in and around the piano. | | |


Małgorzata Wasilek i Maciej Połynko (Poland)

installation: Dynamic cube

Dynamic cube is a 3D analogue object that uses light and moving elements. A starting point for operation of the installation is light that moves inside the solid and delivers an effect of a moving projection. The core is a kinetic sculpture that consists of geometrical elements that represent a formal search for the synthesis of mathematics and nature.


Zweintopf, Künstlerkollektiv graz 2014

Zweintopf (Austria)

activity: Untitled (Bez tytułu)

In Sokolowsko, zweintopf will play with the expectations of the public and with pop-up tents. Their simple, lightweight construction and low price means that no one is surprised that these temporary shelters appear at festivals like mushrooms after the rain. Often used once and then thrown away, they also represent the influx of low quality goods ‘made in China’ and the result of global mass production. What will happen here? Or has it already happened? And more importantly, did I miss something?

zweintopf is aware too of the sculptural value of these frail constructions with no outer layer. Their white contours appear unexpectedly in the landscape, just like

thin spatial drawings, delicate architectural constructions which frame the surrounding views, marking out a poetry of imperfection and then disappearing as quickly as they appeared.