Exhibitions 2018

Exhibitions 2018

Józef Robakowski (Poland)

exhibition: Blood of Facebook

The state of suspension that is permanent lethargy awaits us, the progressive ones. As it seems to me, long with the “good change” everyday we are loosing the remains of positive energy. Is there a way out of this political welfare?

I think there IS! I propose a critical entrance to the gut of Facebook, where we should start living intensively in a slightly imaginary world of culture and art. There has never been an opportunity like this before. A democratic postulate of being a versatile participant of many changes in mentality that determine the self-enrichment in this depressing circumstance, is being fulfilled before our eyes. Being creatively active, very fast we can feel the state of exaltation, easefulness and full satisfaction from reaching the very much needed mental relaxation. As everyone today knows, Facebook’s open stage lets us retain the feeling of individual independence marked with active presence among many other citizens. On this “weird” exhibition I let myself quote many, often anonymous, creators, who believe in the significant power of Facebook.



Krzysztof Zarębski (Poland)

documentation: performance Kontakt bezpośredni (Direct contact, Podkowa Leśna 2007)



Sebastián Burgos (Chile)

an exhibition of drawings and photographs documenting cooperation with ALPERoA


Marcel Sparmann (Germany)

exhibition: object

The object made by Marcel Sparmann is a wooden box in which you will find cards with the instructions in the spirit of Fluxus. They are poetic instructions of which performance – often happening only in the mental sphere – offers us a possiblity to expand the boundaries of perception and imagination. These instructions can be read aloud and a number of people can perform them at the same time, or you can focus on inner individual exploration.