2013 Edition



The 3rd International Sokolovsko Festival of Ephemeral Art

28 July – 1 August 2013

The theme of the third Contexts festival is The Air, both in a literal and metaphorical sense, with its various references and associations. The theme is related to the location of the festival. In mid-19th c., Sokolovsko became the first European health resort to specialize in tuberculosis. Sokolovsko has a unique microclimate and, apart from medical treatment it offers, it is the air which helps the patients restore their health. We breathe the air, a force of life; sound waves travel in the air, it is where we fly. The air carries a creative force, which nourishes everything. Air also suggests non-attachment to matter, moving away from substance, opening up space

The third Contexts festival is dedicated to the late Jerzy Bereś, who died in December 2012. Jerzy was an outstanding artist renowned for his extraordinary manifestations (performances) and sculptures. In 2012, Contexts was honoured to host his last performance. This year we present an exhibition of his work, curated by Bettina Bereś and Jerzy Hanusek .

In 2009 In Situ Foundation moved to Sokolovsko in order to develop the site into a cultural centre. The festival is offered to the local community as well as visitors, and aspires to serve the inhabitants of the area. Many site specific realizations take place in public spaces, inviting spectators to join in if they would like to. Film/animation workshops, music workshops and performance workshops are designed to involve children, adults, women and men. Every day of the festival will end with a musical event – a soundpark, a celebration of this unique place, to which everybody is invited.

Contexts is preceded by a 4-day workshop for students whose work will be presented on the last day of the festival. The Programme of Contexts features performances, work in public space, exhibitions, screenings, sound events, concerts, film/animation, music and performance workshops.