Contexts 2017 – Discovery this year programme day by day

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Contexts 2017 – Discovery this year programme day by day

We already know the detailed programme of the 7th edition of CONTEXTS festival. The festival opens officially on July 21st with the screening of Jan Lenica’s cult animation „Labirynth”. Sokolowsko will turn into an international laboratory of ephemeral art. It will happen thanks to the artists taking part in the festival.

Day 1 – Grand Opening

This edition of Contexts starts on July 21st. It will open in a grand style with a screening of Jan Lenica’s Labirynth, an animated metaphorical story with its anti-utopian message. After the official opening in Zdrowie cinema we will explore Sokolowsko following the path marked by the artists: Alastair MacLennanPrzemysław KwiekJasmin Schaitl and Ralf Peters of KörperSchafftKlang. The film journey will be led by the pioneer of feminist art from Austria VALIE EXPORT and Benjamin Cook from British LUX. Not only the audience will be in the hands of the artists, but also public space will be transformed creatively. Ewa PartumYola KudelaJoanna Rajkowska and Andreas Savva will enter it with their installations.

Day 2 – Andrzej Mroczek’s Point of View

On Saturday we will be invited to the opening of the exhibition Art According to Andrzej Mroczek referring to the iconic Labirynt Gallery. It will be accompanied by a debate Andrzej Mroczek in Memoriam. On Saturday we will explore the tower of the Brehmer Sanatorium. We will see Mikolaj Smoczynski’s photographs, installation of Katy Connor and photographs of Zygmunt Rytka. Performance art fans will be offered an opportunity to enjoy the works by Franzisca SiegristZdzisław KwiatkowskiRalf Peters and Przemysław Kwiek. Robert Mainka will confront his works with public space. Agnieszka Zalotyńska will present her installation. The second day of the festival is another encounter with films by VALIE EXPORT and the second part of Benjamin Cook’s presentation of LUX.

Day 3 – Performance Art Day

The third festival day will be dominated by performance art, featuring Marlene Haring, Ewa ZarzyckaIgor Stahniv, Oleksandr Maksymow,  Jagoda Kozon, Przemysław Kwiek and Ralf Peters. Robert Bean and Barbara Lounder will take us for a performative walk. We will also spend time at Zdrowie cinema where Józef Robakowski will show „5 artistic actions of Galeria Maniakalna in Lodz, 1989”, the Entropy Gallery will present their recent project and Ines Amado her performative project Bread Matters. Panel discussion featuring Janusz Zagrodzki, Wojciech StefanikRobert Bean and others will continue the festival’s tribute to Andrzej Mroczek

Day 4 – Between Sanatorium and Cinema

Performance artists will be featured significantly on that day. The Brehmer Sanatorium and its surroundings will be taken over by: Zofia KuligowskaVitalii ShupliakMarta KotwicaRalf Peters, Przemysław Kwiek and Krzysztof Żwirblis. Żwirblis can also be met at Zdrowie Cinema as well as Wojciech Stefanik, Olha Czychryk, Robert Bean. Art will also enter public space. katharinajej will perform in Kieslowski square. Glowna street will be in the hands of Janusz Bałdyga.  Piotr Krajewski, representing WRO will take us for a journey in the world of moving images.

Day 5 – Open Platform

The last day of the festival will belong to young artists. The Park and all available spaces will be filled with realisations interpreting the theme of this edition of Contexts: That’s the way.