Andrzej Mroczek In Memoriam

Jan Swidzinski, Andrzej Mroczek (Lublin, 1988)

The 7th edition of CONTEXTS
pays tribute to Andrzej Mroczek, a unique gallery manager and art historian, noble and warm human being whose attitude to art and artists was full of dedication, deep understanding and respect. From the 70. he was a manager of the iconic Labirynt Gallery, a place open to avant-garde and experimental works. His gallery was a state institution, but it kept its independence, remaining free from official tendencies and gallery politics. For Andrzej Mroczek high quality of art was an absolute value. He presented works of artists not always welcome by other galleries. From 1980 till his death in 2009 he was a director of the BWA Gallery (into which he incorporated his former gallery renaming it Labirynt 2) that was a continuation of his approach to art. “Art According to Andrzej Mroczek” and one-man exhibitions as well as presentations and discussions featuring the artists he presented attempt at offering an insight into his work. We talk about it in the historical as well as contemporary context.